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On Top of the Tech: Rydeen focuses on innovation to enhance driver safety and convenience

Rydeen’s roots come from the engineering and product development background of Phil Maeda, who worked for several large consumer electronics manufacturers before starting Rydeen in 2009.

With its humble beginnings in PNDs (portable navigation devices), Rydeen quickly switched gears as “suction-cup” navigation was eclipsed by smartphones and tablets. Believing that consumers wanted a solid, durable navigation solution, its engineers developed a fledgling niche that met consumer needs while eliminating the hassle of removing the radio: navigation built into the mirror. The MN302 and MN305 were the first models that replaced the factory mirror to add touch-screen navigation, Bluetooth and back-up camera view.

Since then, Rydeen has continually improved and expanded its replacement mirror models, while developing a complete and versatile line of cameras, brackets and accessories. Rydeen has further established itself as a leader in vehicle safety with sophisticated back-up sensors that deliver factory installed functionality.

Recent Press Releases

  • Rydeen Introduces Bob Goodman as National Sales Manager
    Rydeen Mobile Electronics officially introduced Bob Goodman, a 25-year veteran in the aftermarket automotive electronics industry. Goodman joins the premier supplier of innovative safety and convenience products as national sales manager and will work from the company’s headquarters in Torrance, Calif.  more >
  • Rydeen Ships 8 New Parking Sensor Systems
    Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced it has upgraded its complete line of add-on parking sensor systems, adding eight SKUs that improve durability and add installation flexibility, bringing the total number of parking sensor systems to 12. more >
  • Rydeen Ships New Cost-Effective Camera for Rear-View Application
    Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced it is shipping its fourth model of its MINy series of cameras and the fifth of its standard mounted camera line.  more >
  • Rydeen Ships Two-Part Point-of-Sale Display Showcasing Wireless Video
    Rydeen Mobile Electronics announced it is now shipping a two-piece retail demonstration system for its DG240 wireless transmitter and receiver. more >

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