Brandmotion Ships Award-Winning Radar Blind Spot Solution for F-150

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Points & Quotes:

• Brandmotion is shipping the RBDS-1520, integrated radar blind spot detection system built for 2015-current Ford F-150 trucks

• Radar-enabled, pre-calibrated sensors mount on the rear bumper in factory-match housings

• “These camera kits present exciting new possibilities for off-road enthusiasts. While driving safety is still their primary function, the ability to see around or under the vehicle while navigating technical climbs adds an element of fun. We look forward to seeing all of the creative ways that drivers use them to personalize their vehicles.”

OEM-look sensors reliably keep driver informed in any weather

SOUTHFIELD, MICH., February 19, 2019 (MEDIAWIRE) – Brandmotion LLC, leading supplier of advanced safety systems for the automotive aftermarket, announced it is shipping the first vehicle-specific application of its integrated radar blind spot detection system. Built for 2015-current Ford F-150 trucks, the RBDS-1520 features proximity sensors that seamlessly and stylishly mount to the factory rear bumper. The RBDS-1520 received the Best New Truck & SUV Product award during its SEMA 2018 debut.

The sensors mount on each corner of the rear bumper, within housings that match the curves, materials, color, texture and contours for a factory-installed look. Within the housings, the radar-enabled proximity sensors are pre-calibrated specifically for the Ford F-150, saving installation time and ensuring OEM reliability for the driver.

The radar blind spot system activates when the vehicle travels above 15 miles per hour and monitors the area beside and behind the truck to a distance of 40 feet. Its smart sensing technology ignores vehicles more than one lane away as well as stationary objects. The pillar-mounted, day/night indicators light when a vehicle is detected in the covered area. If a turn signal is applied while a vehicle is in the truck's blind spot, the appropriate warning indicator will flash repeatedly to tell the driver it is not safe to change lanes.

In addition to blind spot monitoring, the RBDS-1520 features an aftermarket industry-exclusive cross-traffic monitoring system. Activated when the vehicle is put into reverse gear, the system warns the driver with an audible alert and indicator light if it senses vehicles, people or other objects that may cross behind the vehicle while it is backing up.

"With more than two million late-model trucks on the road, the F-150 is one of the nation's most popular vehicles for work or play, whether it's construction, hauling toys or making small business deliveries," said Jeff Varick, president of Brandmotion. "As such, there are several factors that can lead to lane-changing accidents, from simple driver distraction to loads that obstruct the driver's view. We developed blind spot radar detection system for the F-150 to give drivers confidence knowing they have an always-on system that helps them maintain road awareness under any road conditions.”

The RBDS-1520 is available from authorized Brandmotion representatives and distributors. For more information, please visit


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