GLADEN Takes Home a Trio of EISA Awards in Audio, Integration

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Points & Quotes:

• Orca congratulates its vendor partner GLADEN for winning three EISA awards

• GLADEN was recognized for its upcoming Mosconi PRO5|30 power amplifier, Mosconi PRO10 subwoofer and Mosconi RC-CAN DSP controller

• “It's no surprise to us that GLADEN performed so well in the EISA awards, winning three when most companies are thrilled to win one. Despite the success of its Mosconi brand, the company has continued to innovate. It's fitting that two of the awards represent its audio heritage, while the third integration award embodies the future of our industry.”


European association announced winners August 15

CAMARILLO, CALIF., August 23, 2017 (MEDIAWIRE) – Orca Design and Manufacturing, sole North American importer of GLADEN Audio products, congratulates GLADEN Europe on its success in winning three European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Awards. GLADEN took home In-Car Amplifier honors for its Mosconi PRO5|30; In-Car Subwoofer recognition for its GLADEN Pro 10 subwoofer; and the In-Car Smart Upgrade award for the Mosconi GLADEN RC-CAN interface. The awards will be officially presented during the IFA trade show in Berlin, September 1-6.

The new GLADEN Mosconi PRO5|30 boasts five channels of independent power. The first stereo pair provides 85 watts per channel to power high-frequency drivers in a three-channel setup or rear fill drivers in a five-channel configuration. The second pair outputs 170 watts per channel, ideal for midbass drivers or front-stage speakers. The remaining mono channel uses a Class D amplifier to pipe a substantial 1,000 watts to a subwoofer. Maximum flexibility is ensured thanks to the inclusion of separate active crossovers in all channels, or, alternatively, all crossovers can be bypassed to adapt the input parameter for use with a separate Mosconi digital signal processor.

The GLADEN PRO10 subwoofer features a newly developed, high-tech composite cone with a special coating to maintain high rigidity while keeping weight low. Combined with its large-diameter, long-throw voice coil for high power handling and powerful magnet assembly, the result is a very pure, low-distortion sound. The protection grille that seamlessly fits through specially designed slots in the basket flange delivers a final touch of elegance.

The GLADEN Mosconi RC-CAN eliminates the need for additional controls when adding a Mosconi DSP to a factory-installed system. Thanks to its CAN-BUS integration, it uses the factory radio and steering wheel controls to adjust the volumes of connected DSP sources. The RC-CAN also uses the factory AUX button to select between sources. This innovation creates a full OEM experience by allowing the vehicle to lower the volume of all sources when receiving incoming calls or monitoring the parking sensors.

"It's no surprise to us that GLADEN performed so well in the EISA awards, winning three when most companies are thrilled to win one," said Kimon Bellas, president and founder of Orca. "Despite the success of its Mosconi brand, the company has continued to innovate. It's fitting that two of the awards represent its audio heritage, while the third integration award embodies the future of our industry."

The award-winning products will be available in the fourth quarter of 2017 through authorized GLADEN retailers. MSRPs to be announced. Retail outlets interested in carrying GLADEN products can contact Orca for more information.

GLADEN Europe GMBH manufactures some of the world’s finest audio components using technologies from the aerospace and automotive industries to ensure no-compromise quality and long-term reliability. The company complements its speaker offerings through distribution of its Mosconi amplifiers and digital signal processors. For more information, visit

About Orca Design and Manufacturing
Based in Southern California, Orca acts as importer/distributor, designer and manufacturer for a variety of notable brands. We are the sole U.S. distributor for Focal mobile audio, and import speakers by GLADEN Audio of Germany and Italian-made Mosconi amplifiers. In addition, we design quality products under the Illusion Audio brand, and offer Blackhole damping materials and Raven pure ribbon tweeters for home and mobile installations alike. For more information, visit our website at


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